Captain Nigel Hewitt

Provisional Commercial SY Sailing Yacht, MY Motor Yacht, MV Motor Vessel, Work Boat and Fast Ribs

An experienced Captain 200gt II/2, COC Yachtmaster Ocean commercially endorsed, COC Yachtmaster Offshore Power, COC Yachtmaster Offshore Sail and Advance Powerboat.


YachtMaster Ocean Commercial Endorsement (Ci No 8078)

YachtMaster Offshore Commercial Endorsement (Ci No 46437)

With 40 years experience with many types of sailing vessels from 7 meter to 19 meters, Nigel has sailed Sloop, Cutter, Ketch rigs to name a few.  Starting of with a laser dingy at the age of 11 progressing to a 6 meter fast Hurricane catamaran, Nigel has both instructed dinghy and catamaran sailing,  and skippered many a sailing boat. Having his own 12 meter 1950 Ocean class yacht 20 tones he is able to motivate crew, look after charter passenger whilst performing as a professional skipper.   Nigel has developed a good range of skills for local and transatlantic ocean sailing and enjoys both passage routing planing and in particular celestial navigation.  

Examples of sailing experience is:

Dartmouth to Cherbourg France

Vigo Spain to Lisbon Portugal

Portimao Portugal to Dublin Ireland

Funchal Madeira,

Santa Maria

Ponta Delgada in the Azores

Plymouth to Eastbourne

Nigel also ran a successful club at Calgary Beach Isle of Mull for many years teaching friends and local people the wonders of dingy sailing. students ranged from 7 years old to 60 years old.  Using lasers , Catamaran, Toppers, Enterprise and Hunters. However sadly this club is closed for now. 


Chartering clients to many different archipelago islands around a group of small islands off the Western coast of Scotland as part of the Inner Hebrides.

Clients experienced being up close with nature in all its opulence from seal pups being born on Lunga, to sea eagles nesting on Fladda and basking sharks breaching around Cairn na Burgh Beg, giving clients the very best experience of the of local waters. 

Something that inspired Felix Mendelssohn the composer in 1830

Some examples of work undertaken is:

Diver Transport to various locations and surface diving:

Cargo Delivery around Shetland and Western Isles of Scotland

Mooring work and chain work in various ports using landing craft with both winch and crane operations Nigel holds both Lantra certificate for the operation of hydraulic cranes and winch systems to support the successful delivery of mooring checks


YachtMaster Offshore Commercial Endorsement (Ci No 46437)

Advance Power Boat  Commercial Endorsement ((Ci No 8986)

As part of working with various work boats Nigel has perfected his skills worked with Azimuth thrusters, Single screw drive boats, double screw drive boats up to 25 meters in length and up to 200gt. Working in close quarters around harbors, barges, piers, electrical systems, moorings, and other boats Nigel boat handling skills are excellent and complement the 7 years of commercial experience


Over the last 3 years Nigel has skippered many local delivery voyages.  Using different crews as skipper being commissioned to take charge of vessels and deliver to various locations the above skills have been called upon to make sure that the successful delivery is on time and without incident.  Making sure that vessels and sometime cargo is sea worthy Nigel is able to successfully delivery as per requirements.      

Nigel holds a Powerboat level 2 and Advance Powerboat ticket and has excellent skills gained over 4 years of driving 150-300bhp ribs and small vessels in all sea conditions on a commercial basis 

Further Information available: 

Skype Jackbean1